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$ 95.00 NZD


Purchasing a SEAPA Mexican Hammock means you are buying an authentic,quality handmade item,with a design that provides unsurpassed comfort. Originating from Central America individually hand crafted using traditional methods and weaves. Mexican hammocks are lightweight, compact, durable and versatile, ideal for campers,trampers, holiday makers, home makers and for those just wanting to 'hang out' - even in the most urban setting, patio or backyard. Simple to set up and take down

Made from 70% cotton (body) and 30% nylon (end strings). Mexican 'Queen' size Hammocks are strong enough for two adults. Average holding weight, 200+ kg's. Overall length 4.1 metres, body length 2 metres, width 2.1 metres +. To hang requires 3.5 metres between fixing/hanging points.

Please specify multi-colour combination or 'natural' style (not pictured). All hammocks come with a free natural calico carry bag.

Multi-colour: The option shown is an example of the multi-colour style and as each hammock is handmade the colour combinations vary with every hammock, the combinations are many and varied.

Though we can’t guarantee the actual mix of multi-coloured weaves, we will hand select hammocks based on your colour preference, colour combinations or natural style selected.

Colour combinations and designs can vary due to product being hand crafted and individual artisans crafting uniquely. Images are indicative only.

We support fair trade with artisans in their countries of origin and it is our intention to deliver the best handmade merchandise we can possibly source. We stand by all our products with a money back guarantee or full replacement at no charge.

2000 Years of History
Purchasing a Mexican Hammock means you are buying an authentic, quality product, with a design that provides unsurpassed comfort. Originating from Central America, Indians handcraft each hammock, using traditional methods and weaves perfected over the last 2000 years. Mexican Hammocks are lightweight, compact and versatile, ideal for campers, trampers and holiday makers. Even in the most urban setting, patio or backyard, they are durable, colourful, comfortable and simple to set up and take down. Made from 70% cotton and 30% nylon, Mexican hammocks are strong enough to hold two adults. (average holding weight 200kg).

Mexican hammocks are designed to be used diagonally not lengthways. This gives fantastic back support and loads of space.

Gather hammock edges in each hand, and find the middle of the weave

Extend the edge backwards as you lie back across the hammock

Hook feet into the hammock edge and stretch out. To align yourself, arch your back and roll left or right


Teach children how to safely get in and out on their own.


To Hang the Hammock
All you need is two strong fixed points from which to hang your hammock. Two trees, the beams on your verandah, 'Dyna bolts' in brick walls, ceiling joists, or any combination provided they will take the required weight. The further apart your fixed points are, the longer your hammock rope has to be, and the higher it must be attached. Hammock loops should be around 1.8 m from the ground, with 3m between the two fixed points. ie: For every metre (over 3 metres), your rope will have to be set 0.9m higher (4m distance = 2.7m high).

Hammock Ropes
We recommend natural fibre rope at least 10mm thick. Attach one end to a fixed point leaving the other free to attach to the hammock loop. It is very important to regularly check your ropes for wear!

The knot shown in fig (a) is simple to do, and can easily be undone after use. "S" hooks fig(b) easily attach where the rope meets hammock loops, and are handy when taking the hammock down. fig(c) shows a 'bowline' knot, which (after a little practice) we suggest you use when tying your hammock rope to a tree or similar support.

Never hang hammock loops directly onto a fixed hook, as the repetitive swinging action will eventually damage the end loops.

Installing Indoors
If you have exposed beams or posts in your home just use a 'bowline' knot. You can also use 'screw-eye' bolts (figa) these easily attach to studs or joists. For masonry walls (not freestanding walls) use 'Dyna bolts' fig(b) that are 10mm dia. 90mm long with 20mm sleeve next to the nut. Drill a hole, insert and tighten the bolt leaving the sleeve proud of the wall. A large washer behind the nut allows rope to attach securely

Caring For Your Hammock
Exposure to sun will fade your hammock, and (over time) damp can cause rot. If not being used it's best stored inside. If you live by the sea regularly rinse your hammock (salt air corrodes), and ensure it is completely dry before storing.

Hammocks will not tangle if you ALWAYS handle your hammock by loop ends!

Washing Instructions
Tie two knots in the hammock end stings to avoid tangling, and soak in cold water with 'cold water' washing powder. Rinse and dry completely before storing. Wash separately as Mexican dyes are not colourfast and may run.

Hammock Repair
The overall strength of your hammock is considerable, but individual strings can be broken with sharp objects. Take care with items that may catch on strings such as buttons and studs, and should a string break, tie each end to the nearest string intersection.

The Hammock can also hang from the wall to the ceiling, given the correct length of chain or rope.

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