SEAPA is a New Zealand owned company established in 1993 with a lifestyle, beach and recreational focus. Dealing in hand crafted merchandise that is practical, durable, ornamental and made with, when possible, no less than 50% natural material.

We support fair trade and it is our intention to deliver the best handmade merchandise we can possibly source. We stand by all our products with our guarantee.


SEAPA is a Carbon Neutral Organisation

In 1993, the year SEAPA was established, the proprietor embarked on a 3 h.a native regeneration and mixed afforestation project, located at 623 Mahurangi West Road, Warkworth, New Zealand. The site had previously been covered by a 70-80 year crop of Pine, clear felled in 1989 by the previous property owner.

The key objectives for the project were identified as :

  • Plant a mixed native forest.

  • Stimulate existing native plant species by intensive management of noxious/exotic plant species, primarily by manual methodology.

  • Keep the property, particularly freshly exposed land, free of noxious/exotic plant pest species; privet, pampas, pinus radiata, black wattle, blackberry and ginger – target species for removal.

  • Establish a mammalian and avian pest control program.

  • Remove all non essential mature exotic trees on site.

  • Create a wildlife corridor for native birds, reptiles and invertebrates.

  • Develop a metal driveway to provide access for transportation of planting material onto and over the entire site.

  • Plant a small mixed exotic tree plantation for; timber, firewood, habitat and climate control – shelter, windbreak and shade.

  • Stabilise and retain the riparian boundary.

  • Create a foreshore recreation area for; camping, kayaking and swimming.

In 2006 after 13 years of dedicated effort and commitment the property was evaluated by two independent restoration ecologists, Miles Goodwin from Cato Bolam Consultants LTD and Sharon Graham from the Rodney District Council. Both agreed that the property warranted protection of the bush by covenant, this has subsequently been awarded.

Facts quoted from the Kyoto Forestry Association - www.kfa.co.nz

  • Planting just half a hectare of trees on non-forested land would compensate for a lifetime’s driving in a typical NZ car.

  • Planting one hectare of trees on non-forested land would counteract the total carbon dioxide emissions of an average New Zealander for 47 years.

  • Planting one hectare of trees on non-forested land would mitigate the carbon dioxide emissions from traveling 10,000 km in an airplane every year for 228 years.

  • Planting one hectare of trees on non-forested land would offset ALL the typical New Zealander’s greenhouse gas emissions (i.e methane, etc, as well as carbon dioxide) for 22 years.


SEAPA has achieved all of the above criteria and can claim to have a carbon neutral impact. In addition; all our merchandise is packaged into regenerating, renewable material, a large proportion of our merchandise is made of regenerating, renewable material and is made by hand without aid of machinery. These points all contribute to a reduced carbon footprint and future sustainability.


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