Hacky Sack / Footbag has been alive and kicking for around 30 years, it's a genuinely enjoyable recreation, healthy for all. The object of the game is to keep a palm sized plastic bean/sand filled ball in the air using the knees and feet.

The game is played indoors or outdoors with similar rules to soccer; you can use any part of your body except your hands. It can be played solo or with friends, is ideal as a pre-sport warm up enhancing co-ordination, reflexes, flexibility and stamina. Hacky/Footbag is a non-competitive, non-aggressive, highly social game with very few rules. Anyone can play, anywhere, anytime. The general rule that anyone can casually join in excludes no-one from having a good time.

  • No ‘hand ball’ 
  • No ‘self service’
  • No saying ‘sorry’

    To Loosen

    Rub vigorously between both palms - try twisting with both hands (never scuff on concrete or throw at walls).

      To Tighten
      Drop in water (Don't leave in water or cotton will rot).

        To Repair
        Use cotton thread and needle.

        Inside Kick
        hen the Hacky falls low and directly in front of you use the INSIDE of either foot turning the instep and ANKLE up to create a flat striking surface. Try curling your toes under and make contact around knee level.

        Outside Kick

        When the Hacky drops to the outside of either shoulder, use the OUTSIDE foot turning the ANKLE and the KNEE out to create a flat striking surface. Try pointing your toes up. Like the knee kick, with practice the outside kick will become a very reliable set-up shot for other players or moves.

        Knee Kick

        The knee kick is a very reliable technique using the KNEE and TOP OF THE THIGH to keep flicking the Hacky up, trying not to let it touch your torso. Once perfected, this kick is a good all round move that allows you time to set-up for other kicks.

        New players, aim first to pass and
        'keep the hacky up HIGH!'

        Toe Kick

        The toe kick is often the last chance to keep Hacky alive! Use the TOP part of the FOOT or TOES by flicking the toes up. Quick reactions, flexability and desire to maintain Hacky rallies quickly develop this important move.

        An advanced move called the
        'toe-catch' or 'stall'

        Back Kick

        When the Hacky is going over your head or coming straight towards your upper body, spin around and allow the Hacky to pass over your shoulder (try and maintain constant eye contact with Hacky), lean forward and use an OUTSIDE FOOT kick.

        The ELBOW can be used to propell
        the Hacky - but not the hands.

        Remember: No sorries


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